Чиркова Екатерина Юрьевна Tchirkova Yekaterina Yuryevna
Страна:Российская Федерация the Russian Federation
0 My poems (Стихотворения собственного сочинения)

The stream of consciousness


All allies, please, ally.

Applyour rhyming method

But do not awry.

No, I don’t belie to what I buy,

It can really comply with my cry.

You can decry, defy and deny everything

But don’t let other people die.

Dry dye in your eye can’t let you

See a fly when you fry a pie.

“Goodbye!” says a guy who

Always greets you with his “Hi!”

His words sound so high!

In July I never lie in my lullaby

And never lie to a magpie.

It may imply that my pry will

Always pass by rye not nearby you.

I rely on God, he replies me “Retry!

Make a deep sigh, look at the sky.

It’s a little thing that can satisfy

You and signify.”

A sly spy looking at you from

Under the sky can specify,

Supply, testify and terrify at the

Same time thereby showing that

His thigh is tied with a tie.

Try to untie it but you can’t,

Then you’ll ask “Why?”

Maybe Wi-Fi is still wry,

That’s why.



Oh, what an air spring!

As if there was a sprite

Who brought a magic ring

And got rid of the blight.

I walked and met a spring

That turned into a kite

And looked like a string

Till morning, till the light.



I’m walking along the street but not alone

In the world that I do not belong,

Will it really last lifelong?

I can’t wait for it so long,

I need to be very strong,

Please, God, prolong the singing of the song

That always sounds in a local restaurant,

Forgive me for everything if I’ve been wrong.


Making up a big charming chart

Is a really great but serious art.

It is famous worldwide

And cannot be denied.

People and charts are not apart,

Charts are people’s one part.

Never put them aside

‘Cause they’re often applied.

All that above sounds very smart

Everything told us my cousin Bart.



I am standing in a small hall,

I feel myself like a thrall.

The hall is where I must dwell,

Never complain, pray and yell.

I dream to see a waterfall

But I can’t do it, there’s a pall

In my eyes in the form of a shell

That’ll grow, get bigger and swell.

It’s only a nightmare’s brawl,

I have a doll to play, don’t appall.




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